Salsa DJ Michael "El Rumbero" (Berlin)

DJ Michael 'El Rumbero'
Michael was at the famous La Feria De Calí (Colombia)... read his travel report -->here

Hola, Bienvenidos, Welcome on the WEB site of Salsa-DJ Michael 'El Rumbero'! Michael is resident DJ in the Salsa Clubs Havanna and SODA in Berlin (Germany). He is DJing as guest DJ in Germany ( Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Dresden, Cottbus, Paderborn, Osnabrück), also in Europe ( Zurich, Bern, Viena, Prague, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo ) and also worldwide: like in the U.S.A 2006 or 2007.

Michael is one of the few Salsa DJs in Germany who is able to mix Salsa songs into one another. He can do this also in YOUR Salsa club. So just contact Michael -->here

Read more about  Salsa in Germany ... and you can find Salsa Hits at the  Salsa charts of DJ El Rumbero. is registered at salsa guide worldwide and at salsa guide berlin recommend Salsa Hit MP3 from also available as Salsa Song MP3 Download Portal in Switzerland. Check out also Salsa Blog Switzerland

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